Australian dance music artist with international hits under his belt. “Be With You Tonight’ “Shine” “DJ(Take It On Down)” “Air”, “Diamond” “Welcome To The Party”,”To Be With you (Stars)” & the new smash “Moonlight”..The album “Running Out Of Time” dropped in June 2017 crashing into the Australian Pop itunes chart top 30 at number #25.

Singer, songwriter and producer…

His debut single, “Be With You Tonight” lit up up in the digital marketplace, with remixes infiltrating the club scene.”Be With You Tonight” is a perfect piece of 4 minute pop, is infectious, irresistible, catchy. This was the first taste of what is sure to be an impressive debut, gaining huge momentum in the European club scene.
His second single, “Shine” blew up, uniting the dance floor . It was also been heard on leading GLBTI website, “” Mardi Gras video coverage, exposing the track to millions of viewers across the globe.The video itself attracting 350,00 + views. Then came “DJ (Take It On Down)” released worldwide 2012. The electro inspired electronica pop dance infusion had already created a buzz on social media sites and online. the fourth track to be unleashed was a collaboration with Chunky Astronaut “AIR”, a track firmly placed on the dance floor. After spending the majority of 2015 -2016 recording his debut album “Running Out Of Time”, the end of the year see’s the release of his new smash “Diamond” creating great online buzz .After a small hiatus , with the album finished, comes the return to form smash “Welcome To The Party” and the new single “To Be With You (Stars)”. “Welcome To The Party” is a killer stomper that will set dancefloors ablaze with remixes by Chunky Astronauts and Glitteratti . “To Be With You (Stars)” is a dancefloor smash with soothing vocals and uplifting melody.

The album “Running Out Of Time” dropped in June 2017 crashing into the Australian Pop itunes chart top 30 at number #25. The album received good reviews as well, and was warmly received online as well. With a slew of promo appearances and radio slots, Damien did the promo rounds and supported the album with some stellar live performances, including the official screening of the Grand Final of RuPauls Drag race 2017.

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